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Okutama Trekking

Hiking In Rural Tokyo – Okutama Trekking

When you set foot in Okutama, you can be forgiven in thinking that this is anywhere but Tokyo. Set within a picturesque landscape with pristine lakes, lush forests, majestic waterfalls and quaint villages, it is a stark contrast from the hustle and bustle of central Tokyo.

That's exactly why Okutama is so popular among nature lovers. It's an escape from the typical bright neon lights in the city, and provides a wealth of leisure activities including some excellent trekking routes.

For first-timers visiting Okutama, we recommend going on the Mount Mitake To Mount Hinode trekking course.

This five hour hike allows you to soak in the scenery at two of Okutama's most famous mountains, and promises to be a trek that offers the perfect blend of nature, culture and history.

Ascend To Mount Mitake

First off, you'll start your trek by ascending up Mount Mitake. This two hour plus trek involves going up a steep series of forest paths before reaching the top of a ridge, and entering a small village where the iconic Mitake Shrine is located.

By then, you'll probably be tired and sore from the trek. But the natural beauty of the Mitake Shrine and the pine forest nearby will definitely perk you up. All that effort will be worth it!

Okutama Mountain

Continue On To Mount Hinode

After taking a well-deserved break, continue on to Mount Hinode by following the numerous course markers. Don't worry, this trek is a lot shorter, clocking in at roughly 40 minutes.

This trek offers some great moments of solitude, and you'll be awed by how tranquil nature can be. Be sure to take in every minute and enjoy the quiet personal time. You don't get moments like this in the city!

When you reach the impressive Mount Hinode, standing at 902 meters tall, it'll be a momentous achievement you'll never forget.

At its peak, you can enjoy excellent views over the Okatuma region and beyond. On clear days, you can even see Tokyo Skytree in the distance!

Okutama Signboard

The Trek Back To Civilization

When it's time to head back to the city, follow the signs for directions to Futamatao Station. You can also opt to choose the more scenic option by heading towards Ikusabata Station. You'll encounter a crossroads along the path where you can choose your preferred route. We suggest going for the more scenic option of Ikusabata Station. On your way there, you'll pass by the majestic Tama River flowing down from the mountains you just trekked. In a sense, that symbolizes your journey coming full circle.

As you board the train back to civilization, you'll start to realize that Okutama presents a totally different and refreshing side to Tokyo, and most people don't even know it exists.

This could change soon though, with nature vacations gaining in popularity. That's why you should head to Okutama before it gets too "mainstream"!
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