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What To Do At TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN — The Symbol Of Tokyo

TOKYO SKYTREE is a must-visit hot spot for all tourists in Tokyo.

In the TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, the highest tower-TOKYO SKYTREE® stands in the centre of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN,
which offers panoramic views of the city from eastern port of TOKYO. And the shopping mall-TOKYO solamachi hosts over 300 shops, dining and entertainment options to excite you.
Most tourists, after taking the mandatory photos atop observatory, hang out at TOKYO Solamachi; a complex that various number of shops and restaurants.
It also houses a planetarium and aquarium, making it a one-stop entertainment centre.
To maximize your experience, here's what we suggest you do when you visit TOKYO SKYTREE.

Take A Lovely Stroll Down Sumida River

Located a stone's throw away from TOKYO SKYTREE, start off your exploration by taking a casual walk down Sumida river.

It offers a great view of landmarks around the area, including a different perspective of the majestic TOKYO SKYTREE.

The riverside is a popular location for taking selfies due to the serene and scenic background. You can choose to go on a cruise down the river too, and create more memories to cherish.

Sumida River

Gain A Bird's Eye View Over Tokyo From SKYTREE CAFE

Have you ever been to café on the 340meter high? If not, you must head to SKYTREE CAFE! Besides offering the standard café menu fare like coffee, desserts, tea and juices, the view is simply magnificent.

There's no better way to enjoy a latte than from up high in the sky. Tokyo may be a bustling city full of life, but you'll find that from the 340 meter, everything below seems so calm and peaceful. Definitely worth checking out!

Tokyo Skytree Sunset View

Unleash Your Inner Geek At Tree Village

For anime fans, Tree Village is an absolute treat! Featuring all your favourite characters from Pokemon, Doraemon and many other popular animes, Tree Village has lots of rare and highly sought-after memorabilia.

This is a great place to shop for souvenirs, as the wide selection from plush toys to T-shirts, ensures that there will be something for your friends and family at home.

Tree Village

End Your Day With A Drink At Tembo Deck

The view from TOKYO SKYTREE changes dramatically in the evening. When the sun sets, the night lights go on.
Truly the perfect way to end the day!

Tokyo Skytree

There are many ways to enjoy TOKYO SKYTREE Town, it's an essential place to check out for everyone.

Make sure to leave room on your travel itinerary for a complete day out at TOKYO SKYTREE!

For more info on TOKYO SKYTREE and its surroundings, have a look at this guide.