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24 Hours in Tokyo with Melissa – Wild Magic

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people in Japan have embraced the “new normal” by avoiding the three C’s (confined spaces, crowded places and close contact settings) as a general country-wide anti-infection guideline. Many people have turned to outdoor recreation to escape the pandemic such as hiking,camping,outdoor saunas and BBQ. My family is one of them, as we have been going camping almost every week.

This week, however, we have decided to stay in the city as the weather got chilly since it’s almost winter. We still wanted t o enjoy going outdoors like we always do, and decided to go to Wild Magic in Toyosu, an outdoor stylish park where we could have a barbeque! And the best part? We didn’t have to bring anything! All food and equipment are provided for!

Together with another family, my daughter and I hopped on the train and the Yurikamome monorail (which the kids enjoyed a lot!) as we headed to Toyosu. It was a beautiful, sunny day— perfect for a barbecue!

When we reached Wild Magic, we were greeted with glamping-like tents along the Tokyo Bay riverside. We felt safe as there was some distance between each tent.

We were guided to our tent and saw that all the food and equipment was prepared for us. As we opened the cooler box, we were excited to see a huge slab of prime ribeye beef! The kids couldn’t wait to barbecue the huge marshmallows!

At our Family Area tent, there was even a hammock for us to relax on! The river-side view was spectacular! The kids loved that!

We made sure our masks were on as we went to the Rainbow Bar to get our free-flow of drinks and we were ready to start our barbecue!

As we could also bring our own food, my husband who works at the nearby Toyosu brought some fresh oysters which we enjoyed while waiting for our vegetables, meat and the much anticipated prime ribeye on the grill.

For three hours, we dined, chatted and had a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed the food as much as we adults did.

The cleaning up was easy as we didn’t have to deal with the charcoal and trash. Everything was cleared out by the staff and we could go home empty-handed (well in Japan, we always had to bring our own big bag of trash home after camping!)

It was a wonderful day out at Wild Magic!