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4 Amazing Theme Cafe In Tokyo
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There's plenty of cafes in Tokyo. Cute, bizarre and somewhat disturbing. Those are apt descriptions for some of the more wacky-themed ones.

Should you choose to, you can enhance your dining experience with the thrilling, the magical or even the disgusting. But as they say, one man's meat is another's poison.

So here are some mind-blowingly amazing theme cafes in Tokyo. Are you game enough to try them? Read on and find out!

The Lockup

The Lockup

The Lockup is a chain that focuses on prison horror-themed restaurants. When you step in, a "prison guard" will lead you to your cell, where you'll be trapped for the rest of the evening.

To complete the full prison getup, hallways are ominously dark, and sometimes alarms can be heard in the distance.

Drinks are served in test tubes and beakers, with the occasional eyeball in them. Be wary when exploring the premises though. The staff will dress up in horror masks and outfits, designed to terrorize you when you least expect it.

Certainly lots of fun, especially after a night out in town!


Kawaii Monster Café

For a touch of surreal with your supper, Kawaii Monster Café offers an outlandish experience that can only be found in Tokyo.

Designed on the premise of Tokyo being a monster, you'll be stepping into a wonderland of sheeps' heads and jellyfish bars.

You can choose to dine in one of the 4 areas: mushroom disco, milk stand, milk tea room and bar experiment. All 4 have their unique psychedelic charms, definitely enough to add a dose of Tokyo zany to your meal!

There are shows at regular intervals too. MONSTER GIRL their icon girls dress like KAWAII CULTURE, and they will do dance show on the giant cake SWEETS-GO-ROUND. You have to see it to believe it!

Rokunen Yonkumi

Rokunen Yonkumi

If you often reminisce about your elementary school days, take a step back in time at Rokunen Yonkumi – a izakaya restaurant designed to look like a school classroom. Most of us did not go to school in Japan, but the blackboard, desk, markers, correspondence book and text books will no doubt trigger the elementary school vibe.

When you enter the Rokunen Yonkumi, the teacher will say "welcome home" in a loud voice. You’ll then line up like school children, and "Teachers" will guide you to the classroom. Classrooms can be freely selected from a number of choices such as science rooms, homemaking rooms, and planetarium rooms.

The dishes are based on Japanese school lunches such as noodles and bread. There are also general izakaya dishes. As a characteristic service, you can get as many candy and sweets as you like. Do note that free flow candy will end as soon as they are finished.

8bit cafe

The perfect place for a 80s or early 90s kid, this retro restaurant will transport you back to your childhood instantly.

Inside you'll find all the gaming consoles you played as a child, and all of them will be in perfect working condition!

Secure a seat, order food, and play the game while you wait. There are plenty of games available for both single and double players.

A great place to hang out with friends on a lazy afternoon, or go on a fun date. That is, if your partner is a gamer like you!

With lots of different theme cafes to choose from, Tokyo will always be a paradise of diverse cultures and tastes, with something for everyone's unique preferences.

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