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Akihabara — The Otaku Capital Of The World

Akihabara (often abbreviated as Akiba) is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit during their trips to Tokyo. Known as the epicenter of otaku culture, you can find everything from electronics stores, manga/anime themed stores and even maid cafes!

Visiting Akiba is even considered a pilgrimage that most anime fans would make at least once in their lifetime. So here are some places to go that would bring out the otaku in you!

The Biggest Electronic Store In The World — Yodobashi Camera

Yodobashi Camera

For people looking for the latest and greatest in tech, Yodobashi Camera is simply the best place to go. Located right next to Akihabara Station, the biggest electronic shop in the world has 9 stories packed with the latest in gadgets and hi-tech equipment.

It is also family-friendly with levels dedicated to skincare, make-up and even a toy's section for kids. The restaurant floor on the 8th floor has about 30 popular shops in Japan.
There is even an indoor golf range and batting cages on the 9th floor!

Do take note of the voltage differences between Singapore and Japan before buying, as they might not be compatible back home!

Immerse Yourself In The World of Anime And Manga

ACOS Akihabara

Akiba is a must visit for any fans of Anime and Manga. You will find countless anime and manga-related goods everywhere, making for great souvenir shopping.

AKIHABARA GAMERS Flagship Store located right outside the Denkigai-guchi exit has every gaming item you need. One of the most famous stores in Akihabara, located on the 7th floor of the 8-story building, you can easily lose yourself in the world of anime goodies.

Those interested in figures and full scratches should go to the Kotobukiya Akihabara Store, which has an extensive selection of anime and game characters.
The first to third floor has a large selection of official merchandise from popular franchises such as Studio Ghibli and Square Enix.

Cosplay fans will also not be disappointed, ACOS Akihabara is a cosplay specialty store that provides a wide variety of cosplay goods. You can find anything from wigs, clothing, weapons and even make-up to change your appearance to your favorite character.

The next time you are in Tokyo, be sure to visit this iconic area and experience the anime subculture that is gaining popularity all over the world. For more information on Akihabara, please refer to this guide.