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6 Unforgettable Experiences You Can Enjoy At Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty is a Japanese character, But do you know that there is an entire theme park dedicated to Hello Kitty and friends in Tokyo?

Created with Sanrio fans in mind, this indoor theme park is the epitome of everything cute and whimsical. The entire park is decorated with Sanrio's signature colorful color scheme with figurines or motifs of the characters everywhere.

Every spot is Instagram-worthy and you can meet with Sanrio characters, try on the numerous rides and attractions, watch a parade, snag home an awesome souvenir and much more!

Get Up Close And Personal With The Adorable Sanrio Characters

There's no better place to cozy up to your favourite characters than in Sanrio Puroland. There are special meet and greet sessions, where you can meet some of the cute and cuddly characters. You can give them a hug or snap a photo together.

Special events are also held for characters with birthdays that fall within the month.

If you visit during special occasions, you can see the characters dress up to the theme of Christmas, Halloween etc. How adorable!

Watch Your Favorite Sanrio Characters Come To Life

The park stages live shows at certain times of the day, and they are extremely popular with children and adults. It is indeed a visual treat to see the adorable life-sized characters singing and dancing to lively tunes in their cutesy voices. The energy and happiness from the cast is infectious, and we highly recommend it for both adults and children.

A tip would be to check out the performance schedule on Sanrio Puroland's website beforehand, so you can head to the venue early for better seats.

Hop Onto A Ride

There are rides in the park, making it easy for children to enjoy themselves.

My Melody fans will adore the My Melody & Kuromi Mymeroad Drive, where you take a ride around Mariland where My Melody lives. Do watch out for the 6 photo spots during the ride, in which you can decorate your shots purikura (Neoprint) style in My Melody themed stickers after getting off.

Fill Your Stomach With Some Kawaii Food

If you are feeling hungry, head over to the Character Food Court. As the name suggests, you can expect the food served to be themed around Sanrio characters. Think Hello Kitty bento, My Melody themed pink curry, Gudetama dango and more! The attention to detail in the food presentation is amazing, making them almost too cute to eat.

Just a tip, many of the food come served in souvenir cups or boxes, so you can take them away!

Visit Lady Kitty's House

Arguably the most photogenic attraction in the entire theme park, Lady Kitty's House is literally the dream home of every Hello Kitty fan.

The entire Victorian styled house overflows with cuteness with kawaii features such as ribbons, roses sweets, and plushies, making it the perfect backdrop for photos. There is also a Japanese styled tea room decked with Hello Kitty features.

End off your tour with a photo together with the Lady Kitty mascot. You will definitely be charmed by her cuteness and lady-like actions!

Bring Home A Memento Or Two!

A huge favorite among visitors are the many souvenir shops around Sanrio Puroland. You can find all sorts of Sanrio themed merchandise such as plush toys, stationary, accessories, food and clothing.

All merchandise sold are Sanrio official and there are even Sanrio Puroland exclusive items, so be sure not to miss out on them while you're there!

While being very kid friendly, Sanrio Puroland also evokes a sense of nostalgia in adults too with many childhood favorites. Not to mention the extremely photogenic set-up at every corner! It's the perfect wonderland for a memorable day out!

For more information on the ticket prices and opening hours, check out this guide.