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4 Affordable Places to Shop at Ginza:
Tokyo's Most Premium Shopping District

Ginza is the most expensive shopping district in Tokyo. Flanked by luxury boutiques,
international hotel chains, massive departmental stores and high-class restaurants,
one's impression of Ginza is usually of foreign luxury goods, powerful businessmen,
classy "tai-tais" or the elusive celebrity.

Even if you are not one to spend on luxury items, this fancy district is still worth a visit.
From simply strolling along the streets to soak up the atmosphere, visiting the flagship stores,
to chilling with a cup of coffee, Ginza now has shops, restaurants and cafes in various price ranges
to cater to everyone.

Here are some of our shopping recommendations without breaking the bank!



Uniqlo, a retail chain most Singaporeans will be familiar with, stands proudly at Ginza as the largest Uniqlo GINZA store in the world. The impressive 12 storied building is especially captivating at night with its glass displays, animated mood-boards and rotating mannequins.

As the flagship store, it is always well stocked with the latest items and collections. Prices of some items are cheaper in Japan than in Singapore, giving us even more reason to walk out with our wallets lighter.



Another Singaporean favourite, Muji GINZA outlet opened its doors in April. The global flagship store also houses Japan's first Muji HOTEL GINZA. Furnished with Muji's famed minimalistic aesthetics, also has the famous Japanese restaurant "WA".

The 1-5th floor is where you can experience MUJI Ginza at its finest. On the 1st floor, there's a "juice bar", a "blend tea workshop", a "bakery", a fruits, vegetables and food section selling fresh ingredients.

B1 has a dining room called "MUJI Dinner", where you can enjoy the authentic taste of fresh ingredients. ATELIER MUJI GINZA, Salon and Liblary are on the 6th floor.

Ginza Itoya


Stationery lovers rejoice! Itoya is Japan's most established stationery store which sells high quality stationery and fashionable customized souvenirs. Each of its 12 stories boast a unique concept from greeting cards, letters, notebooks &p; diaries to travel items.

The upper levels even house a business lounge which can be rented for meetings, a hydroponics farm and a café which serves American-styled dishes.

Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Hakuhinkan Toy Park

Ginza Hakuhinkan is Japan's largest toy store. Solely dedicated to toys, the store carries up to 200,000 different kinds. You'll find dolls such as the popular Ricca-chan, cutesy food inspired handphone covers, character toys such as Hello Kitty and Anpanman, and games like jigsaw and kendama. It's truly a paradise for both children and adults alike!

The shop also sells Japan limited edition toys such as anime figurines and Star Wars merchandise. Don't forget to also check out the fourth floor and have a go at the slot car racetrack (200yen for 5mins).

The good news for bargain hunters is that shopping at Ginza is not limited to expensive luxury items. The district also houses many flagship stores that can provide an even more comprehensive and immersive shopping experience. So why not head to Ginza during your next visit to Tokyo?

For even more information and directions to get there, check out this guide.