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Top Shopping Haunts at Shibuya – Tokyo's Most Fashionable District

When you mention Shibuya, what comes to mind is usually the famous "Shibuya Scramble Crossing", or Hachiko, a tear-jerking story immortalised as a landmark. However, Shibuya is also the very centre of a young and fashionable culture and a shopaholic's paradise.

Shibuya is one of Tokyo's busiest districts and many departmental stores and malls can be found around the area. Here are some of our top shopping recommendations!

Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109

This place is so famous that no introduction is needed. It is called Mecca for fashion-sensitive girls. The building itself is symbolic and is numbered "109" at the top of the tower. Shibuya 109 has 10 floors selling the most trendy clothing, accessories, lifestyle products and cosmetics targeted at teenagers.

The overall style is feminine preppy and emphasizes the "cute" image that is very popular with young women. Among popular brands are Onespo, Cecil Mcbee, Emoda, Punyus and Murua. The fashion building "109MEN'S" has been renewed into a space where entertainment such as food, music, and art are enjoyed. New stores have been opening one after another based on the concept of "Shibuya's stimulation." The 7th floor "MAG7" is also worth checking out its with unique gourmet cuisine.

"Onigiri Bar Shibuya Garden" has Japanese-style decorations and colorful lanterns, and Taiwan's own factory that strictly manages traditionally cooked tapioca, "JENJUDAN". There are many other special dishes can be enjoyed casually too. Furthermore, the roof that was only recently opened appears as a spot for music and art events "MAG'sPARK". The view of the scrambled intersection that is only visible from the rooftop observatory is a must-see.

Most stores are very popular with tourists as they accept credit card payments and offer tax-free services

Shibuya Hikarie

Shibuya Hikarie

Catering to a more refined and adult woman target audience, Shibuya Hikarie is a large 34 floors above the ground and 4 floors underground commercial complex with more than 200 stores selling cosmetics, fashion, home merchandise and groceries.

There is also an Arts Complex and a theatre called "TOKYU THEATRE Orb" which shows topical musicals.

Should you need a break from all the walking, there are lots of stylish cafes and restaurants for your relaxation.

We also recommend "d47SHOKUDO", a unique restaurant which serves exactly 47 dishes to represent a cuisine from each of Japan's prefectures. This is the best place to get a taste of the other regions all from 1 location!

When the sky turns dark, head up to the 11th storey for a splendid view of Shibuya's skyline.



For those who are looking to buy unique souvenir or quirky items, look no further than Loft. The Loft branch in Shibuya is a whopping 7 story tall building that is very popular among young Japanese and tourists.

Loft carries a huge variety of everyday commodities such as interior, household, bags, sports and lifestyle, but with a more fashionable twist. You will find uniquely designed phone cases, passport covers, washi tapes, limited edition pens, stylish household goods and more. There is even an anime section and an art level selling a wide range of posters, paintings and sculptures.

Despite their beautiful designs and high quality, Loft's items are quite reasonably priced, hence their immense popularity. For even more savings, don't forget to get your tax refund at the tax refund counter. There will be English or Mandarin speaking staff on hand to guide you.

Apart from shopping, Shibuya is also a thriving arts and culture scene with many more activities to explore.