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4 Spots You Should Not Miss When In Shinjuku

Touted as one the busiest districts in Tokyo, many tourists would be familiar
with this vibrant hotspot even before stepping foot into Tokyo.
In fact, Shinjuku is known for having the busiest train station in the world!

Flashing neon lights, towering skyscrapers, giant departmental stores and rows
of drinking alleys are part of the allure of Shinjuku, attracting millions of tourists
to this entertainment hub every year. Here are some must-visit spots the next time
you're in Shinjuku.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Aside from being the headquarters for the Tokyo Government, the 45th floor of the main government building are the "South Observation Room" and "North Observation Room". This is where you can enjoy the city of Tokyo from a height of 202 meters*. When the weather is nice, you can see famous landmarks such as Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Sky Tree, and even Mt. Fuji.

*Currently, only the "South Observation Room" of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Twin Tower is available. The North Observatory is currently closed and will be re-opend around mid-January 2020.

Isetan Shinjuku

Isetan Shinjuku

Built in 1933, the Isetan Shinjuku Store is an iconic landmark at Shinjuku Station. Despite its long history, it sells the latest fashionable goods, lifestyle items, beauty products and more.

Guys will not feel left out as there is an Isetan Shijyuku Men's Building entirely dedicated to males. Expect to find popular brands such as CORNER:COMME:des:GARCONS, Onitsuka Tiger, men's exclusive skincare and fragrances and even a golf school at its top level!

A hot favorite is always the basement level which is every foodie/dessert lover's dream come true. You will find a dazzling array of beautifully packaged snacks and desserts offering anything from wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) to European desserts, artisanal wines and the best green teas. Do drop by to try the delicious food on offer!

Godzilla Head

Godzilla Head

Godzilla fans will love this! Mounted at the terrace of Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, the Godzilla head which peers menacingly over Toho Cinema has become an icon of Shinjuku and a mandatory photo opportunity for tourists. It even stages "hourly performances a few times a day, featuring its mighty roar, shining lights illuminating its eyes and fiery smoke from its mouth. The the performance is repeated several times a day. Seen from the street, Godzilla seems to have invaded Tokyo!

If you want to get a close-up with Godzilla, there's only one special Godzilla-themed room in the world. You can also stay at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku with 6 rooms where you can see Godzilla Head up close, or visit the cafe terrace, open only to hotel guests or cafe guests. So don't forget to drop by!

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Take a break from the cityscape with a stroll at Shinjuku Gyoen, one of Tokyo's largest and most popular parks. It was first established as an imperial park about 100 years ago and is a very popular spot for dates, photoshoots and picnics.

There are 3 large themed gardens within the premise–Japanese Garden, Landescape Garden and Formal Garden. Each garden has its own unique set-up, allowing visitors to enjoy 3 different styles of landscape at a single location.

Decorated by the many varieties of flora, Shinjuku Gyoen is gorgeous every season. Most outstanding of all is Spring, where about 65 different varieties of Cherry Blossom trees bloom, making it a perfect hanami viewing spot.

Prohibited matter:Drinking alcohol, using sports equipment and musical instrument in the garden are not allowed.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, Shinjuku has a lot of offer in terms of shopping and even cultural activities. It is definitely on the top of our recommendation list in Tokyo. For even more ideas on what to do, visit this comprehensive guide.