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Glamping in Tokyo

Glamping – Taking the Rough out of Camping!

Tokyo boasts of many amazing attractions – from its populous Ginza district that is every girl’s shopping heaven, to the Tokyo Skytree on every traveller’s must-see checklist. However, if you are seeking an experience out of the ordinary, here’s an activity we recommend trying! Providing the excitement and serenity of camping without roughing it out, we present to you: ‘glamping’!

Bring the Glamour in your Tent while Immersed in Nature

Circus Outdoor Glamping TOKYO

There are several options when it comes to Glamping in Tokyo, but one experience that is sure to take your breath away is Circus Outdoor Glamping in Okutama, Tokyo. The vast Glamping site of over 4,700 square yards sits right within the woods, simulating the closest experience to an outdoor camp, while providing the cushy comfort of home.

Momentarily leave your city-life behind and fully indulge in the mysterious beauty of nature. Wake up to the cool morning breeze and smell of sun, soil and trees, while comfortably tucked in, in one of the five intricately furnished tents. Each tent is thoughtfully furnished with tasteful, vintage fittings to mimic a specific room in a Circus. For instance, you could find yourself in an epoch chamber of a Circus leader, or a fancy changing room of the Circus’ costume troupe – every tent has its own character and a story to tell.

This glamping site is also strategically located a stone’s throw away from Lake Okutama, where you can enjoy a scenic stroll in the evening, to end your day.

Campfire for the Full Camping Experience

Nakayama Falls

For adventurers seeking a no-frills glamping experience, there are a few options in Hinohara-mura, Tokyo. The glamping grounds offer you privacy on your nature escapade, enjoying the serenity of the woods in your private space with an unassuming tentage set-up.

As the age-old saying goes, ‘no camp is complete without a campfire’ – glam up your stay with a makeshift bonfire, or simplify things with a sumptuous barbeque dinner. With your very own barbeque grill and fireplace fitted right outside your tent, meals around your makeshift bonfire becomes an entertainment in itself!

Besides making merry over the grill with your friends, take a dip in the cool lake or explore the various scenic attractions close by such as Nakayama Falls and Mt. Odake, a short trek away.

Ultimate Seclusion and Adventure in the Wild

Woodland Bothy Odake Limestone Cave

A thirty-minute hike up a mountainous trek, Woodland Bothy is an experience worth breaking every sweat for! The ultimate glamping experience away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this stay is the getaway every stressed-out urbanite needs.

Standing alone as a private cabin nestled in lush greenery, you will find yourself surrounded by an endless horizon of trees. Fitted with a luxurious wooden bath, a hot, soothing soak in your private cabin is the perfect way to unwind – a treat for both your weary mind and sore muscles.

Once refreshed, enjoy an authentic Japanese meal amidst the tranquility of nature, made with locally grown fresh vegetables.

For those who are up for an adventure, a myriad of activities awaits you. From fishing, to hiking – thrill-seekers can descend into the holy peak of Odake Limestone Cave, at the foot of Mt. Mitake. Running for 300 meters beneath the mountain, a sacred Shinto Rope bedecks the cave entrance, almost symbolically ushering you into a whole new realm beyond the dirt ground.

If you are looking for an experience that intrigues and excites, without necessarily getting down and dirty outdoors, glamping in Tokyo may be the perfect holiday destination for you!